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* @PedalWorks YOU control the vertical and the horizontal
YOU control the content @PedalWorks_Com by use of #PedalPower and #NOtrainingWheels tags | >>> scroll>>>
* Since 1911 Old World Craftsmanship with Modern Convenience -  Morristown, NJ
* Great rides - Burlington Vermont to Colchester Causeway into Lake Champlain
Vermont Island Line Trail - Burlington to Colchester Causeway (Lake Champlain)
We rented from SkiRack in downtown Burlington (near the corner of Pine and Church Streets) for our ride. Roundtrip from there to the washout on Colchester Causeway was about 3 hours.
* eLLiptiGO channel
* Mountain Bike Ride Through the History of Digital Code
This ride starts in the the Village of Brookside and ends at Historic Speedwell, the locus of the Dawn of the Information Age, to the extent it can be argued that the telegraph and telephone were the early industrial adopters of digital code. (Great deference is also due to Al-Khwārizmī, Persian astronomer and mathematician, who wrote in Arabic in 825 AD, on how to use digits, decimals and derivatively, the ability to use ones and zeroes for coding. The Latin translation of the name Al-Khwārizmī and his anglicized book title "Algoritmi de Numero Indorum" also gave us the word "algorithm" - as we believe even Al Gore would be likely to concede).

CAUTION: This trail is hilly, rocky and narrow in some stretches. Sometimes a fallen tree will lay in your path. Also, it is used by walkers, runners, dogs and dog walkers. Therefore, it is heartily recommended that you UNPLUG from any digital audio and listen attentively for others with whom you share the trail, yielding courteously to others who may be moving more slowly. It is also recommended you obtain an analog dinger, cowbell or horn to signal your presence on blind curves.

Start at the Mendham Township Municipal complex near the Dismal Harmony Forest (gateway to Camp Swastika - but that is a story for another time - a brief history of the Dismal Harmony is contained in this trailguide), cross Cherry Lane and hop on Patriot's Path at the stairway - bike trough. You can follow this trail map to find your roadhead/parking area and starting point but DO NOT follow it across the stream into Dismal Harmony - instead remain on the main branch of Patriot's Path - easier done than said!)

Follow the Patriot's Path trailmarkers. This section of Patriot's Path uses the Rockabye Railroad right-of-way. The tracks have long since succumbed to poor design and alluvial erosion. However, since you're there, it is worth knowing that the narrow gauge Rockabye Railroad once carried farm produce and passengers from post-Industrial Revolution Brookside to market in Morristown. Present-day Morristown boasts a wonderful farmer's market on Sundays in-season but the supply chain has changed.

You will follow a brook most all the way to the fount of Information Age innovation at Historic Speedwell. The forests through which you will pass are mostly second or third growth timber, the earlier growths having succumbed to the iron industry that once blossomed in the reddish soils at or just below the surface on which you ride. The iron industry contributed significantly to George Washington's decision to winter the Colonial Army in the Jockey Hollow encampment (across Route 24 from where you are - no off-road biking allowed there).

At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution which immediately preceded the American Revolution, Brookside was a thriving industrial center (for much the same reason that the second dymamite manufacturing facility came to be located in this area in the 1870s (one century later) at the Atlantic Giant Dynamite Works which was acquired by DuPont and trust-busted into the Hercules Powder Company by none other than Teddy Roosevelt in the nineteen-teens. That is, it possessed stunning natural and human resources, namely running water to power the mills, timber to stoke the furnaces, iron ore (called sucky-sunny by the Leni-Lenape native Americans), a temperate climate good for agriculture and other living things, including a highly skilled labor force.

After you cross Tingley Road and a plank bridge over a boggy section, you will come to a clearing that has a parking lot on Route 24 directly across from Sunrise Lake in Lewis Morris Park (Jockey Hollow starts near the summit of Lewis Morris Park but that too is for another time). Turn left when you enter this clearing (do not enter the parking area) and you will immediately cross a bridge over a stream that you will keep on your right for a good deal of the next section of the trail as you climb up the walls of Washington Valley (which faced condemnation as the site of a proposed reservoir until very recently). KEEP MAKING RIGHTS as you climb so that you can take in the nicest views.

Climb up the big forested hill(s) following Patriot's Path then go down the big forested hill. You will emerge from the forest. The trail levels out here all the way to Historic Speedwell. You will cross several roads including Indian Head, Whitehead and Sussex Turnpike (twice?) before arriving at Speedwell.

Here, Alfred Vail perfected the Morse Code with his partner Samuel Morse. Some historians argue it should have been called the Vail Code.
* news
xx ElliptiGo 2009 Death Ride - 5 mountain pass climbs in one ride! Go ElliptiGo
August 19, 2009, 12:24:39 PM by combinator | Views: 6432 | Comments: 0

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Youtube information-attribution: (Aug. 3, 2009)
This is a video overview showing Brent and Bryan completing all 5 passes of the 2009 Death Ride on elliptiGO Echo prototypes.

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* Moab Utah's Toilet Bowl - Get the runs
Dropping-in Moab's Bartlett Wash Toiletbowl
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<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Call it the Toilet Bowl or Poop Chute but once you get the runs here you'll undoubtedly flush with pride.  Do your duty, drop off the kids at the pool and drop-in.  But (yes, it's a big one) remember to ride with care and leave no trace behind.  Wipe outs are almost inevitable.  Try to avoid skidmarks, road rash, painful itching, swelling and all that manner of nastiness.  You may want to pack an extra pair of bike shorts just in case.
* Mike Celona's High Five New York
Hail cab - get a high five!
* ElliptiGo's a'comin'
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* ElliptiGo news
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